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Sample test

Sample sorting and processing tests are conducted to confirm processing methods and collect various data


At our comprehensive sorting and processing center, we conduct sorting and processing tests on the samples we receive, and investigate and report on the suitability of processing methods and optimal sorting and processing conditions. We can handle not only various grains, but also virgin pellets, crushed resin products, and other plastics. Our products can be useful in a wide range of fields such as electrical appliances, automobiles, and PET bottles.

Sample Test Flow

  1. Inquiries and Requests
  2. HearingOur sales representative will contact you to discuss your needs.
  3. Sample storage
  4. Sorting and processing test conducted
  5. Sending of result report
Approx. 1-2 business days
Approx. 2 weeks
Estimated delivery date The standard turnaround time for sorting and processing is two weeks after the sample is received. However, in some cases, delivery may take longer.
Testing Fee Sample tests are available for a fee. We will calculate the test fee individually according to the content of the requested test.
Duty of confidentiality The results and information obtained from the sorting and processing tests will not be disclosed without the customer's consent. We will not leak or disclose the information to any third party.

Contact Us

We would be happy to discuss with you the sample testing process, the possibility of sorting raw materials not included in our case studies, or any other concerns which might be solved by our sorting and processing technology. Please feel free to contact us.