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What we offer

Discovering new possiblities using Satake’s latest sorting and processing technology.

While considering customers' processing and manufacturing conditions, we make optimal business proposals that solve product quality concerns.

What we offer
What we offer

Customer benefits

Customer benefits
  • Product quality

    Optimum sorting ratio improves product quality and leads to fewer complaints.

  • Profit ratio

    Sorting products with a high accuracy contributes to higher profits.

  • SDGs

    Reducing product loss contributes to achieving SDGs.

What we can test at the Sorting and Processing Integrated Center

  • By appearance

    By appearance

    A high-sensitivity, high-resolution camera identifies foreign matter and defective products in raw materials. They are then removed by a stream of compressed air.

  • By shape and/or weight

    By shape and/or weight

    Foreign matter and defective products contained in raw materials are sorted by applying sorting technology based on the shape and specific gravity difference of the material to be sorted.

  • Polishing & Sharpening

    Polishing & Sharpening

    Applying rice polishing technology, we polish dirt and paint that adheres to the surface of resins, scrap vehicle bumpers, and crushed office equipment.

  • Milling


    High-precision milling is possible even for fine raw materials like grains and legumes.

Items that can be sorted and processed

Industries we can support

  • Food production and processing

    Food production and processing

  • Plastic manufacturing and  processing

    Plastic manufacturing and processing

  • Production and processing of agricultural products

    Production and processing of agricultural products

  • Recycling industry

    Recycling industry

Sample Test

  1. Inquiries and Requests
  2. Hearing
  3. Sample storage
  4. Sorting and processing test conducted
  5. Sending of result report
Approx. 1-2 business days
Approx. 2 weeks

The Sorting and Processing Integrated Center is equipped with a variety of sorting and processing equipment for various materials like grains, virgin pellets, crushed resin products, and others. Sample testing involves sorting and processing tests of the samples we receive to determine the suitability of the processing method. We can then determine optimal sorting and processing conditions.


Do you offer consignment sorting?
No consignment sorting is performed.
What is the approximate cost of testing for sorting and processing?
Varies depending on the nature of the test. For details, please contact us through the web form.
What is the required quantity of raw material samples?
It varies depending on the model, but a rough estimate is as follows.
  • For optical sorting machines [about 5 kg].
  • For processing machines [about 30 kg].
What size material can be put through the sorting machine?
It varies depending on the model, but the guideline is as follows.
  • Chute type [approx. 2mm (sesame seed size) to approx. 15mm (peanut size)]
  • Belt type [for a wide variety of materials
    *Please consult us separately.

Contact Us

We would be happy to discuss with you the sample testing process, the possibility of sorting raw materials not included in our case studies, or any other concerns which might be solved by our sorting and processing technology. Please feel free to contact us.