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Manufacturing higher quality miso using optical sorters

Marukome Corporation, the largest miso manufacturer in Japan, has purchased several Satake Full Color Belt Sorters (CS-300-BI-C) to ensure it produces the safest, highest quality miso possible. Marukome manufactures and sells 5,000 tons of miso per year in 600 different products, all produced under a strict quality control regimen that starts with a careful selection of the raw material.


President Tokio AokiPresident Tokio Aoki
We have received many comments from customers stating how important it is to them that we pay careful attention to quality control, from when the raw materials are received to the shipment of the final product. Under such circumstances an optical sorter can greatly enhance a quality control system.


Belt type optical sorter

ma5.gif Marukome Corporation DATA
Head Office: 883 Amori, Nagano, Japan
Founded in 1854
Capital: JPY 100,000,000
Employees: 350
Manufacturing and sales of miso, instant miso soup, soup ingredients (for noodle restaurants), processed miso (for food manufacturers)
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