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Sorting and processing plastic pellets
Sorting food products
Sample Testing
The sorting/processing sample test is a systematic evaluation of how our customers can best sort and process their materials. This service is available not only for rice and wheat, but also for beans, dried seaweed, dried vegetables, plastic pellets, and recycled resin.

Testable materials

Plastic bottles Recycled plastic
Plastic pellets Beans, snacks
Dried seaweed Dried vegetables

Successfully tested materials

Rice Paddy, brown rice, glutinous brown rice, germinated rice, rice with germ, sake rice, white rice, parboiled rice, special rice, broken rice, ancient rice (black rice, red rice), immature rice, long grain, medium grain, and short grain
Wheat Wheat (durum wheat, germinated wheat, naked wheat), barley (roasted barley, malt, oat)


Millet, Japanese millet, Italian millet, foxtail millet, amaranths, barley, corn
Beans light speckled bean, adzuki bean, green pea, lentil, black bean, black-eyed pea, soybean, peanut, raw coffee bean, roasted coffee bean, pea, horse bean
Nuts Almond, cashew, macadamia, pistachio
Seeds Chinese cabbage, Japanese radish, pumpkin, turnip, chili pepper, green soybean, cabbage, spinach, carrot, sunflower and other flower seeds
Plastics Plastic pellet (PE, PP, PS, ABS, PVC, PET), virgin pellet (PE, PP, PS, ABS, PVC, PET), recycled plastic (PE, PP, PS, ABS, PVC, PET), foam polystyrene (PS), crushed PET bottle, crushed bumper, polycarbonate
Other Hempseed, cotton, buckwheat, devil's tongue, roasted sesame, white sesame, black sesame, seaweed, chewing gum, mustard, rock salt, oyster shell, jew's ear, herb leaf, pollen ball, soybean germ, soybean protein, salt grain, snack, chocolate

Sorting and processing test overview

1. Optical sorting tests

Foreign and defective product sorting tests are conducted using an optical sorter. Wet materials and seaweed can also be tested.

2. Shape, specific gravity, magnetic force, and wind power tests

These tests are conducted by equipment that sorts by shape, specific gravity, and magnetic force.

3. Wet type surface processing tests

Tests for removing dust and stains are conducted after washing the material surface.

4. Dry type surface processing tests

These tests consist of polishing the material surface with a polishing machine.

ฃต. Sorting and processing tests using test-scale equipment

Smaller scale test equipment is used to perform husking, milling, and sorting tests on small amounts(1-5kg) of sample. This test equipment is especially useful for requests from overseas because it is difficult to import large amounts of sample.

Sample test flow

Sample test report Submit samples

Sample received

Sample tested

Results sent

Testing timeframe
Tests generally take about 2 weeks from receipt of the sample.
Some circumstances may cause testing to take longer.

Testing fees
Sample testing is a fee-based service.
Testing fees are calculated individually based on the content of the test.

Privacy Policy
We will not reveal the test results to any
third party without prior customer approval.

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