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Optical sorters enhance product safety

Major snack companies have installed belt type optical sorters to remove discolored and thin-skinned beans. The environment surrounding the food industry is changing and today's consumer is very sensitive to food safety issues such as foreign material contamination. Sorting accuracy is very important when preventing foreign material contamination, so it is important to use the latest technology.


Installing the Full Color Belt Sorter makes it possible to significantly reduce labor costs, as far fewer skilled workers are needed to remove defective materials. The contact parts of this machine are made from stainless steel so there is no chance of paint peeling off and mixing in with the product. It is also remarkably easy to clean.

CS-300BI-C Belt type optical sorter
Full Color Belt Sorter
This optical sorter is ideal for materials with unstable shapes, like beans and snacks, and materials with slight color differences. Using a belt conveyor allows the sorting of round materials for which the material flow on a chute may be unstable.
CS-600BI-CW Belt type optical sorter
Full Color Belt Sorter WET Type

This optical sorter is used to sort wet material. The main body is made of rust-resistant stainless steel so it can accurately sort materials with high moisture and salt levels. It is ideally suited to food factories that require a high level of cleanliness.


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