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Sorting and processing plastic pellets
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Case studies
Sorting and processing plastic pellets
Recycling car bumpers

By collecting defective bumpers, crushing them and removing surface paint, Mazda Motor Corporation performs bumper to bumper recycling. Satake's optical sorter technology is used to remove pellets from which paint has not been completely removed by the paint removal process. This technology has improved paint removal efficiency from 98.5% to 99.9%.
Since March, 2005, Mazda has used Satake technology to recycle old bumpers into new bumpers.

The Aoki Katashi Technology Award
Satake received the Aoki Katashi Technology Award from the Japan Society of Polymer Processing for 'Paint removal technology used in bumper to bumper recycling,' together with Mazda Motor Corporation and Takase Gosei.

Chute-type optical sorter

Chute type optical sorter
Crushed bumper plastic

Satake Corporation