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Sorting and processing plastic pellets
Sorting food products
Case studies
Sorting and processing plastic pellets

The Act for Recycling Home Appliances mandates the recycling of air conditioners, TVs, refrigerators and washing machines. There are two types of recycling for home appliances: material recycling and thermal recycling.
Material recycling converts plastic to plastic. Thermal recycling converts plastic to fuel. Our sorting and processing machinery is mainly used for material recycling.
Surface processing machinery like the Plastic Pellet Polisher is used to remove dirt, stickers and paint. Optical sorters like the Full Color Belt Sorter are used to sort by color and remove foreign materials.


Removing dirt from plastic pellets
This machine applies rice milling technology to remove dirt, stickers and paint from crushed plastic pieces of office machinery and home appliances. This drastically reduces the amount virgin material needed.


Plastic Pellet Polisher


Sorting by color and shape
These machines use optical sorting and shape sorting technology to remove plastic pellets to which dirt, stickers, and paint are adhered. The sorting process drastically strengthens and improves the quality of the final product.


Belt type
optical sorter

Chute type
optical sorter

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